From there, the student who brought the gun drew it, played

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The chase reached nearly 90 mph before Stockley told Bianchi to ram their SUV into Smith’s car, which deployed Smith’s air bags. Both officers got out, Stockley carrying a duty pistol and an AK 47 rifle, which he wasn’t permitted to carry by the department. He fired several pistol shots into the car and placed his rifle back in the SUV.

Not saying I in support of trump, but there a few key differences between what Ivanka did and what Hillary did. While the information communicated over emails from Ivanka was sensitive (and probably had some ad hoc low level classification confidential at highest), there were literally thousands of emails sent from Hillary discussing Top Secret information. Just an fyi what this means: top secret is the designation for information that can threaten the integrity of our nation opening it up to all manner of hostile threats from outside and inside..

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